27/08/18    02:07 pm
5. Food Bank Parcel. I was repeatedly told by people, get up, stand up, this isn’t like you, you are strong. These people have never being controlled by someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which is why the same people and all authorities involved just didn’t understand the harm these people remorselessly inflict on their victims. Every time I went to the Food Bank I was shaking, crying, utterly humiliated – I had been a teacher for 24 years and had been reduced to this. There should be no need for food banks but the greed of the government, the relentless pursuit of profits and the evil deeds of wicked people has seen them multiply and multiply and multiply. A friend took me to see the film I, Daniel Blake during this period. The tittering and giggling of the audience during the opening scene made me want to kill them. The Food Bank scene was unbearable.