27/08/18    02:02 pm
4. Jobcentre Sign at Night. Homelessness involves an incredible amount of walking, night and day, from one place to another in order to seek help where you are invariably met with the words No, sorry, not possible or unfortunately and in my case repeatedly ‘You are an adult male who has made decisions that have led to your homelessness’. At one of the divorce court hearings I learnt that my ex-wife was in receipt of £24,700 a year in benefits including £1,050 per month for housing. She had convinced the authorities she was fleeing domestic violence and was suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. At the same time her online blogging activities boasted of her growing business success, her fine dining experiences, foreign travel and visits to Royal Ascot amongst other grand events. After I was evicted from the old farm I had to put my caravan on a holiday park, at the cost of £50 per week. I was in receipt of £11.08 per week in housing benefit. It was extremely difficult to survive or comprehend the on-going injustice and the fact that although I was the victim I was being persecuted for being one. I refused to give in and used painting as my therapy as no amount of counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy could change my situation. The legal system placed me in a state of constant fear and poverty for a period of around 3 years.