On Probation
27/08/18    01:52 pm
2. Probation Service Logo. I sent a very angry but non-threatening text to my ex-wife after I had been forced into homelessness. The mortgage provider was demanding monthly payments which couldn’t / wouldn’t pay as it was my belief that as I had been forced out of the property and as my ex-wife was living in it, she should pay. As derelict farms do not have letterboxes I was unaware I had been served with a non-molestation order and I was forbidden to make any contact with her. I was arrested in the middle of the night, taken to a custody centre in east London, charged and subsequently convicted of breaching the court order and was forced to pay a fine and compensation to my victim. I had to walk 8 miles weekly, fortnightly then monthly for 12 months to attend meetings with my probation officer. At no time did this officer acknowledge the fact that I was the victim. The police refused to charge my ex-wife for wounding me with a knife, so these meetings with the probation service only served to compound the injustice of my situation.