Recovery / new work started
26/08/18    04:30 pm
1. Caravan on a Derelict Farm in Essex. These 6 paintings are part of a series of 18 that describe the difficulties male victims of domestic abuse and violence can face when their toxic female partners discard them, seek to silence them and gain financially. The system makes it very easy for the female abuser to use the system to destroy the lives of their completely innocent ex partners. When I understood that the next time my ex-partner attacked me with a knife I could be murdered, and she would claim self-defence and be believed, I fled and hid. This caravan was one of the places I sought shelter in. The abuse did not end when I fled; the system allowed the abuser to mobilise the police, the courts, women’s rights groups, and in my case some of my friends and close family against me, resulting in the loss of my home, career, financial security and stable mental and physical health. I know I am not alone in experiencing horrific abuse and injustice of this kind. My paintings are an attempt to raise awareness of the inequality men face when they are victims of domestic abuse and violence.