27/09/16    01:03 pm
The purpose of this blog is to document the production of and explain the reasons behind the body of work I am currently working on. The work, approximately 20 paintings on a variety of scales, will attempt to describe the events of the last few years, from May 2013 when I was forced to flee extreme domestic abuse and violence, from my ex-wife of 12 years. The paintings will describe events and places experienced in the period it took to rebuild my life. Planned images so far include police interview rooms, police cells, police vans, doorways, food banks, court rooms, old caravans, benches facing the sea, council booths, food bank parcels and other relevant subjects. Although I was totally innocent of any abuse and was the victim for many years, I was treated as the perpetrator, which I believe is becoming common place for more and more male victims of female abuse. The paintings will illustrate the consequences for me personally and will attempt to raise awareness not solely in visual arts contexts but also within organisations dealing with domestic abuse and violence cases, such as homeless charities and the Police. On a personal level, I literally lost everything in a very short period of time, following my ex-partners carefully planned actions designed to render me powerless and maintain financial control over me permanently. By losing everything, I mean my home, job, career (24 years in education), stable mental health (I still suffer from PTSD and Depression), my professional reputation and in addition, the support of close family and some friends. The paintings and accompanying texts will describe, as they develop, environments and situations endured as a consequence of institutional ignorance i.e. homelessness, hunger, constant fear of more malicious allegations and arrests in addition to sustained online abuse. By fleeing and leaving everything I escaped the main dangers of violence quite quickly, but extricating myself completely from injustice and consequential difficulties was very difficult and took far longer than it should have done. So as with other previous periods of my life I am going to create paintings about my experiences, which hopefully will be of interest to others via the production of the work and the development of this blog.