artist's talks

Tony McCorry worked as an Art Teacher / Lecturer from 1990 - 2013, mainly in Essex, Birmingham and east London. He has also been giving Talk's about his work as an Artist since the mid 1990's.

Tony has worked in Primary, Secondary, Post 16, Adult and Special Education settings in addition to giving public Talk's in Galleries.

The Talk's are usually based around the chronological development of Tony's work, with personal, social, political, historical, architectural and cultural issues and influences explained and offered to audiences for questioning or comment. Tony's Talk's illustrate how he has used his engagement with the visual arts (mainly Painting) to consistently overcome personal challenges. Many host's have commented on his Talk's usefulness in terms of motivating students, particularly those facing challenges themselves.

The delivery style is open, honest, friendly and informal and audience interjection is welcomed at any given point. Each Talk is discussed with the host in advance in order to consider content, concerns and the particular interests of the audience or curriculum areas needing to be addressed, if part of a formal scheme of work or project.

The current body of work Tony is producing is being documented in the Blog linked to this website and maybe of interest in its own right to specific organisations dealing with the issues explored in this new work.

Please use the contact page if Tony McCorry's Artist's Talk's maybe of use in the work that you do.

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